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How do they work?
The cooling system is not very complicated. Coolant, (once upon a time it was plain water, but now it's usually a 50-70% solution of ethylene glycol plus water), circulates around the engine combustion chambers and valves to collect the heat. The fluid then travels through radiator hoses to the radiator, where it is cooled and returned to the engine.

Simple as this may sound, a cooling system consists of much more than a radiator and hoses. Knowing the major components and their relationship to one another is helpful not only to the many car owners who do most of their own cooling system maintenance, but also to those who have the work done for them.

Diagram of Car's Cooling System: 

1 Evaporator

2 Thermal Expansion Valve/Orifice Tube

3 Compressor, Clutch

4 Belt

5 Pulley

6 Suction Hose

7 Discharge Hose



12 Water Valve

13 Thermostat

14 Water Pump

15 Radiator Overflow Tank

16 Radiator Cap

17 Filler Neck

18 Radiator

19 Radiator Drain Cock

20 Radiator hose

21 Heater Hose

22 Engine Cooling Motor

25 Radiator Fan, Shroud & Clutch



Diagram of a Car's Heating and Ventilation System:


11 Heater Core

23 Blower Motor

24 Blower Controller






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